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Latest Mobile Research Released

November 21, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — Research and Markets has announced the release of the latest market data in its "Mobile Gambling: Casinos, Lotteries and Betting 2008 – 2013" report.
This in-depth look at the mobile gambling sector provides a comprehensive analysis of the mobile gambling environment to date, segmenting the market by casinos, lotteries, and betting and providing analysis of national and international regulations and legislation pertaining to mobile gambling services.
Featuring extensive one-to-one interviews with senior executives within the mobile gambling industry and profiles of the leading application and service providers, the report investigates key hurdles such as payment processing, network coverage and age verification, and projects the market for 8 key regions and the U.K. through to 2013.
Data is presented in easy-to-understand forecast tables and charts and provides mobile gambling adoption level forecasts, average wager per user, total wager and gross win for both the current market for 2007 and future market up to 2013.
Key questions that the report answers:
– Who are the leading players in the mobile gambling market today?
– What is the current value of the mobile gambling market?
– In which markets are mobile gambling services currently legal?
– What are the prospects for the mobile gambling services in the U.S.?
– How have operator attitudes towards mobile gambling services changed?
– Which gambling services will generate the highest level of wager, and which the highest level of gross win?
– What are the remaining hurdles to mass adoption of mobile gambling services?
– Which regions will see the highest adoption levels of mobile gambling services?
The report notes that online gambling services are now a well-established sector of the global gambling market. The first online gambling offering was launched in 1995, and there are now several thousand such sites worldwide. This success has led to attempts to transfer the concept of online gambling into the mobile environment, where the social, cultural, regulatory and technological hurdles faced by mobile gambling are more significant that with any other form of mobile entertainment.
Thus far, 2008 has been an encouraging year for a number of mobile gambling service providers, with many seeing total wager increasing by more than 100 percent year-over-year. However, growth continues to be hampered by the complex national and state legislation which impacts all forms of remote gambling.