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L.A. Times Tackles Online Gambling

May 13, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — It’s been a week since U.S. Representatives Barney Frank and Jim McDermott introduced a pair of bills into the U.S. Congress seeking to regulate and legalize online gambling (read about that here), but the story is still generating tons of media attention.

The Los Angeles Times is the latest high-profile news source to weigh in with an analysis on the situation.

The story correctly concludes that the road to legalize the pastime won’t necessarily be easy, with Republican opponents shamelessly playing the “morality” card, but that the legislation has a better shot at success than its predecessors. “A previous effort by Frank failed to get out of committee,” writes Ben Meyerson in the article, “but the combination of grass-roots and corporate support — as well as the weakening of the Republican Party — might improve the odds”.

Most significantly, the article quotes I. Nelson Rose, a Los Angeles area professor and co-writer of the book "Internet Gaming Law," as stating that Frank’s bill will most likely succeed. "It will pass, although there will be changes," Rose was quoted as stating. "Very few people in Congress really care at all about Internet gambling."

The article goes on to analyze the bill’s most ardent opposition, including religious groups like Focus on the Family. Click here to read more at the L.A. Times.