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Kentucky Boycott Advised

Dawson Springs, Kentucky (PRWEB) October 21, 2008 — Online Casino Advisory senior gaming analyst, Sherman Bradley, is calling for an immediate boycott of all gambling activity and of any purchasing of products that provide tax revenue to the state of Kentucky. He insists that the strongest show of dissent against the Kentucky governor's action to censor the Internet is for angry citizens to stop betting at Churchill Downs this season.

The Kentucky Churchill Downs' season runs from October 26th through November 29th. Bradley is doing media interviews and is getting the word out to citizens of Kentucky urging them to avoid visiting Churchill Downs when it opens up.

At the Online Casino Advisory website Bradley states, "We ask all who are upset by the Kentucky court case refrain from attending the race track season. Let Beshear and the industry he wishes to protect see how misguided his attack is, and how angry citizens are."

Judge Thomas Wingate, the Franklin County Circuit Court judge residing over the case (08-CI-01409 JUSTICE AND PUBLIC SAFETY CABINET, VS. 140 INTERNET DOMAINS -Franklin County Circuit Court), refused to dismiss Beshear's order for the state to seize control of the 140 Internet domain names.

Bradley, as well as many members of the gambling industry, as well as many prominent figures of the Internet community, have expressed outrage and fear over Steve Beshear's successful actions to seize control of the gambling domain names. As Beshear puts it, "these sites deprive the Commonwealth of millions in revenue."

Opponents of the governor's actions claim this ruling could lead the country down a slippery slope to complete Internet censorship.

"The general public is viewing Beshear's actions as not only unprecedented, but as fascist …. It is on par with something China would do," Bradley opined.

"We at Online Casino Advisory are calling for a boycott by all gamblers, civil libertarians, and concerned protectors of the Internet of all products of Kentucky, or anything that produces Kentucky tax revenue. Until Beshear lifts his fascist order, every effort must be made to hurt the state's coffers," Bradley said.

Bradley is calling on news website owners, major media outlets, and those in his industry to promote this boycott. The Poker Players Alliance, which claims to have 15,000 members in Kentucky, could be crucial to the success of this protest. Bradley insists that the PPA get involved and advise their members to boycott Kentucky products.

According to Bradley, "The more that all the people who are appalled at Beshear's Internet censorship, and what I believe to be a violation of the Constitution, let him know that his actions will be met with reaction, the sooner he realizes his mistakes."

Bradley also noted that Beshear won election by campaigning for legalized gambling. According to Bradly his opponent, incumbent Governor Ernie Fletcher, voiced many of the same social ills arguments Beshear has recently discovered. Fletcher lost, 59 percent to 41 percent. Bradley concludes, "So much for the Governor valuing the will of the people."


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