Is the New Jersey Sports Betting Case Headed to the Supreme Court?

Is New Jersey’s epic quest to legalize sports betting nearing its conclusion? That appears to be the case as both parties in the matter have been called to Washington D.C. to meet with the US Solicitor General’s office.

At that time, the parties are likely going to find out whether or not the Supreme Court will hear New Jersey’s request to amend its own laws, even when they fly in the face of federal law. Most observers agree that if the Supreme Court shoots down the state’s request, New Jersey’s nearly eight-year battle to legalize sports betting at Atlantic City casinos will be all but over.

To say that the legal twists and turns of the Jersey sports betting case have been complicated is understated the case dramatically. The mere fact that the Solicitor General is involved shows that this is no ordinary case.

Already, the case has wound its way through the Federal courts with various judges, and panels of judges, firing off various rulings. Throughout, New Jersey has always found a way to keep the case alive, even when it looked all but dead.

Over at, which has covered the case since its beginning, staff writer John Brennan suggested that the Solicitor General may want to question the sports leagues in the case about why they oppose sports betting, but not daily fantasy sports. That would be an interesting conversation, indeed.

State Senator Ray Lesniak, who has been a vocal supporter of sports betting since the case started, is optimistic about the meeting. Lesniak told that he’s very confident the case will move forward to the nation’s highest, and extremely divided, court.

The meeting is set for Monday morning.