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Is Jerry Seinfeld the Key to Affiliate Marketing Success?

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld may hold the key to affiliate marketing success and his secret has nothing to do with “nothing.”

That’s what super affiliate John Chow suggests in a recent blog posting titled, The Seinfeld Strategy for Making Money Online

Though Seinfeld is best known for a show that’s, “about nothing,” he’s anything but a do-nothing kind of guy. As Chow explains in his article, Seinfeld’s natural talents only took him so far.

The real secret to his success are his incredibly consistent work habits. Chow relates the story of a time when a young comedian asked Seinfeld for the secret of his success.

Seinfeld told the man that writing jokes on a daily basis was the key and explained exactly how to build that kind of consistency in any work routine.

Seinfeld’s method starts with a simple calendar that covers a whole year and a red pen. The funny man says to make a red mark on the calendar every day that you write a joke or, in the case of affiliate marketing, do something that will drive traffic to your site.

Over time, you will build a chain of X’s and your job is to keep that chain intact. Over time, says Chow, you will learn to love that chain and the process it’s come to embody.

For affiliates, Chow suggests daily actions that focus on traffic such as:

  • A daily blog post
  • Crafting a single ad
  • Filming a video
  • Simply spending time doing something that will be valuable for your customers.

Chow cautions that the Seinfeld technique doesn’t just pop up out of thin air.

Affiliates who are looking to implement this exercise in consistency should have all their ducks in a row before settling in. This could range from a back-end conversion system to simple content and e-mail newsletter templates.

Once you’ve made consistency a habit, everything else will feel a lot easier.

[Image: David Shankbone]