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Interstate Online Poker is Priority for Brian Sandoval

Nevada Governor, Brian Sandoval

Nevada needs interstate online poker legislation and they need it fast. That’s the gist of remarks  Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval made in his State of the State Address this week.
Sandoval is hoping that the Nevada State Legislature will move forward a bill allowing the Governor to pursue interstate poker agreements in order to stay ahead of state like New Jersey, though he didn’t mention the Garden State by name.

Other states are moving quickly on this issue, and I ask you to pass a bill within 30 days.

The Silver State already has a huge lead in the race to bring online poker to the American public, but they’ve also got 35th smallest population.
Interstate poker compacts would bring a huge amount of tax revenue to Nevada coffers and provide a big boost for local businesses by expanding the player base to other states.
Nevada’s gaming regulation credibility and huge head start could help them lock up a huge chunk of the online poker market before competitors like New Jersey ever get a shot off.
Interstate poker has widespread support in Nevada State Government and the Gaming Control Board has already given their tacit approval of a draft Interstate Poker Bill.
Do you think Nevada can stay ahead in the online poker race? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.