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Internet Mini-Games from CTXM

January 22, 2009 (InfoPowa News) — The Latvian-based online gambling software developer CTXM has completed development of a suite of seven casino mini-games, suitable for expanding an existing online casino portfolio or add an entirely new service to any website.
CTXM marketing spokesman Alexander Zavoloka says that mini-games are "the perfect remedy for boredom while waiting for results on a sportsbook, for other players to take their turn during poker, or during other activities that leave the player with time on his or her hands.
The mini-games included in the suite are:
* Bingo Scratch
* Blackjack
* Casino Hold’Em
* Deuces Wild
* Jacks or Better
* Mexican slots
* Pirate slots
Players can switch between games by employing a simple user interface.
The suite of mini-games can be embedded into any site or opened as new browser window. Flexibility is a key attribute, enabling rebranding logos and appearance as required. Players can play for real cash or just for fun, and the system provides a variety of reports and marketing module functions.
CTXM has been involved in a number of cross-platform deals with leading operators and companies.
Mini Games do not distract visitors, but help to pass idle time while keeping the player on-site.
"After installing mini-games to their services, our clients have said that they generated 30-50 percent more profit," claims CTXM's Vice President of Business Development, Maxim Terehovich. “Mini-games support linking to full game versions, thus they can act for affiliate programs as content providers." provides casino and fixed odds games, end-to-end gaming and payments platforms to most of the top-tier gaming brands. The company is major games developer in video games industries, focusing on casual games production and console games development for Microsoft Xbox Live (XBLA) platform. In partnership with other game development companies CTXM launched more than 15 casual game titles on Xbox platforms.