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Income Access Announces Successful Completion of Affiliate Survey

January 30, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Income Access has closed its 2009 Affiliate Survey and has announced the purchase of four laptops for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Foundation, the company announced earlier this week.


"With the comprehensive response from affiliates, Income Access has gathered a level of data that will allow it to enhance its affiliate management program," the company announced in a news release. "An executive summary of those results will also soon be release to all participants."

The survey, which was open to all igaming affiliates, collected information on the various reasons that affiliates join a program, as well as how they work within that program. The survey was broken down into five sections. It addressed affiliates' preferred use of tracking reports and how those reports affect their marketing campaigns. Income Access also donated one dollar for every survey completed, the company reported.

"This survey represents a win-win-win for affiliates, Income Access and the OLPC foundation," said Nicky Senyard, CEO of Income Access. "The impressive response rate means that we can learn more about what is most important to affiliates in 2009. This will ensure that our existing and new affiliates receive the support and tools they need to maximise their earning potential."

The survey results, which will be shared with all participants, indicate that a majority of affiliates seek the use of as many reporting metrics as possible to analyze the performance of their sites. The most monitored datasets are those of commissions earned and new player sign-ups. It was also shown that affiliates closely monitoring their reports desire communication with their affiliate managers to better understand the changes in their campaign performance.

Income Access stated that it will use this data to continue improvement of its affiliate software and support services.

"“These results suggest what we’ve suspected at Income Access all along. That is, comprehensive and reliable reporting, as well as dedicated affiliate support are vital to affiliates," said Nicky Senyard, CEO of Income Access. "By providing software tools and support to their affiliates, then, we enable operators to build profitable relationships with their affiliates, while optimizing their affiliate program for long-term success."