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How to Use Progressive Jackpots as a Marketing Tool

In case you haven’t noticed, progressive jackpots are the hot stuff in the online casino affiliate world nowadays. Now that you know that, it would be a good idea for you to start making the most of them on your site by using them to attract players and to make the online gaming experience of any casino player more exciting. In this article we will point out the facts about progressive jackpots and share some knowledge on how you can exploit them on your site.

The facts: 

  • There is nothing sexier about an online casino than their progressive jackpots – unless they start hiring Victoria’s Secret models as live dealers, that is. Why? Because jackpots offer the exciting possibility of changing a players’ life forever with massive amounts of money in a split second; and well, because Adriana Lima (pictured) is the hottest woman to have walked this Earth… ever.
  • Everybody dreams of being a millionaire. Online casino players often like a thrill; they find excitement in the uncertainty that only luck can give them. This means that they are attracted to the games because they know everything can change at any point, and there is no better thrill at online casinos than knowing you can win thousands or millions of dollars any day.
  • Progressive jackpots are offering more money than they ever have. It might be inflation, it might be economic growth, it might be that more players across the world are gambling, but whatever it is, the amount of money anyone can win by hitting the jackpot is close to ridiculous. Seriously, six million dollars in one spin!? They are now recording progressive jackpots on the Guinness Book of World Records and there are new logs being added constantly!

Milk them!

Now that you know why progressive jackpots are hot, we offer a few tips that you can implement to make jackpots on your site more attractive and to use them as bait to drive traffic to your casinos.

  1. Find a list of the online casinos you promote that offer the highest jackpots. Consequently, don’t promote jackpots for those online casinos that don’t offer much money in them.
  2. When you promote a jackpot on your site, whether in text or banners, focus on making the numbers flashy and visible.
  3. When you add content to your site, try to find articles that talk about people who have hit the jackpot.
  4. Reference jackpots when you describe the quality of an online casino, or when you recommend video slots. Always keep in mind mentioning the amount of money up for grabs.
Progressive jackpots should be part of an online casino affiliate’s marketing agenda. If you have tips, comments or questions please share them on our comment section or on our forums.