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How to Move on When Your Best Casino Shuts Down

What would you do if your highest earning casino affiliate partner shut down? Do you think you’d be able to recover the money they owed you? How quickly do you think you’d be able to recover your lost revenue streams with a new partner?
Unfortunately, this is a scenario just about everyone who has been in this business for any length of time has had to deal with. Even worse, it usually winds up with the affiliate taking a big revenue hit that’s tough to recover from.
While so much of what happens in this situation is going to be completely out of your hands, there are a few steps you can take to mitigate the impact of an online casino closing.
Move Quickly
Casino closings can be ugly affairs and, frequently, there’s not enough money in the kitty to pay off all the outstanding accounts (even if the operator is trying hard to do exactly that).
That means this is definitely not the time for procrastination. Above all, you need to get in touch with your affiliate manager as quickly as possible, as soon as you hear about the impending closure.
Don’t be surprised if he or she doesn’t return your call or e-mail right away. Remember, everyone else in that affiliate network is probably contacting them about the same thing, too.
If the company’s honest, they’ll have a plan in place to pay off outstanding claims that have been filed by a certain date. The sooner you get your claim in, the more likely it is you’ll get it paid off.
Of course there are plenty of instances where your affiliate manager, and everyone else associated with that company, will be doing everything they can to avoid your call. In these cases, there really won’t be much you can do but take the hit and move on.
Keep Your Ear to the Ground
If you’re particularly dialed in to the rumor mill on community forums like Affiliate Guard Dog and CAP, you might get a heads up on which casinos are in bad shape.
Getting a heads up on potential closings can put you towards the front of the line when it comes to getting paybacks. And even if you don’t get paid, this kind of advanced intelligence can help you plan for the revenue hit that you’ll surely be taking.
This will probably mean searching out a new affiliate partner and starting all over from scratch.
If you’re older than about 10 years old you probably already know that there are no guarantees in life.
But if you know anything about the online gambling industry, you also know that you can tilt the odds in your favor by working with operator that have been certified by advocacy groups like CAP and AGD.
Don’t Dwell on the Past (More Than is Necessary)

How much time should you spend chasing down revenue from a shuttered affiliate partner who isn’t answering your calls or e-mails? The answer to that question will most likely be based on how much money they actually owe you.
In some cases it may be possible to pursue legal action against the operator, especially if they’re based in the same country as you. The logistics of legal actions get considerably more complicated when you start crossing international borders.
In most cases, however, a shut down casino that’s dodging your calls isn’t likely to ever pay out what they owe. Unfortunately, it’s going to be up to you to decide when to write off the losses and move on.
The sad truth of the matter is that if you stay in this business for any length of time, you’ll probably face this situation several times and will consider yourself lucky if you’re paid out anything at all.