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How To Increase Your Conversions from 200%-700%

We can all name at least a handful of techniques that are believed to have a positive effect on our conversion rates, but how many of them actually work in a real life scenario?

Do pop-ups really work? How about branding elements? Direct and detailed calls to actions? Or better yet, how to increase sales and profits?

All of these questions were answered by our friend Zac Johnson in one of his latest case studies. So today, we want to present an online gambling version. In other words, here’s what techniques you can use to improve the conversion rates your affiliate site is getting and how to grow sales and profits as a result.

1. Lightboxes Do Work

A lightbox is one of the oldest tricks in the conversion book. Actually, pop-ups are the oldest trick, but lightboxes are just a new version of pop-ups. Anyway, they do work (62% increase in conversions).

2. Light Branding Is Great

The reality is that sometimes people buy simply because they see a brand logo on a product. For online gambling though, applying this kind of branding can be difficult. However, if there is indeed a highly respected sponsor taking part in a given promotion, you should always point that out in your promotional material.

3. Images Convert

Text is cool for the most part but images are better if you really want to get some immediate attention (22% increase in conversions). Use them next to your conversion points (buttons) to make your promotions more visible.

4. Use Detailed Calls To Action

Sometimes, even the slightest change in the wording of your call to action can make a big difference. For instance, in Zac’s example, using “Enter in Seconds” as opposed to just “Enter” on the subscription button, produced a 33% increase in conversions. In short, get detailed and tell your audience what to do exactly.

5. Bottom Right Placement

Where to place your slide-in pop-ups for best performance? The bottom right of the screen is the answer (125% increase in conversions).

6. Email Better Than Facebook

Facebook’s everywhere. But it turns out that convincing people to opt-in with a Facebook Like rather than with an email address is much more difficult; especially in niches like online gambling. People will still be more likely to give you their private email address than to endorse you with a public Like.

7. “Giveaway”

Data shows that “giveaway” is the best performing word when it comes to naming your promotion. It’s doing much better than “sweepstake” or the simple “promotion.”

8. Making Things Time-Sensitive

Every promotion that’s time-sensitive gives the visitor one more reason to act fast. In Zac’s example, “May $500 Giveaway” outperformed “$500 Giveaway” by 40%.

What’s your take on the matter? Are you keen to test these out on your site?