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How To Get More from Your Existing Player Base with NETELLER

The NETELLER affiliate program allows gambling affiliates to increase the amount of money they’re earning with their existing player base, no matter where those folks are playing. (Good piece of advice: It even pays when they’re not playing.)

Affiliates promoting NETELLER can earn as much as 20% of what their players spend online, so long as they use NETELLER to pay for it. And thanks to a promotion NETELLER is running this month, these affiliates are also eligible to up to $1,000 in cash for themselves and another $1,000 for one of their players.

Here’s how it all shakes down.


NETELLER is an e-wallet service that provides players, and all consumers, a safe way to pay for online goods and services without having to use their own accounts.

This service is also perfect for players who can’t get a credit card or live in parts of the world that aren’t well served by the financial services sector. Ease-of-use like this makes promoting NETELLER a lot easier, and definitely opens up the audience for their services.

NETELLER also also serves up VIP programs and regular contests to help layers involved and interested over the long haul.

What’s In It for Affiliates

Promoting NETELLER means that affiliate partners can exponentially increase the amount of money they make from each player.

For example, if a player makes a $100 deposit with an online casino, the affiliate can get as much as 20% of that on a rev share deal. That money is in addition to whatever percentage of the player’s losses they’ll get from the operator. It doesn’t end there.

NETELLER accounts can be used just like credit cards or Paypal accounts online, so there are plenty of opportunities to earn beyond the casino.

This affiliate facing program gives opportunities to earn that go well beyond the casino or sportsbook. Affiliate partners earn every time their players buy anything online, dishes, shirts, whatever.

NETELLER $1000 Player Promotion

This month NETELLER is running a couple promotions that could pay out big to affiliates and players. For affiliates, there’s the Get in the Game drawing that awards up to $1,000 to a lucky affiliate and his player. (This contest is based on transactions, with one entry for every qualified transaction.)

On the player side, they’re offering a chance to win a gift card worth $5,000.

Promoting NETELLER

NETELLER offers your players some real advantages for something they’re already doing, spending money online, so promoting it doesn’t involve teaching new behaviors. If getting paid twice on every player sounds like a good deal, this is worth looking into.

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