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How To Encourage Players to Refer Friends

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Bring In Their Friends

Affiliates are always looking for ways to get more revenue or liquidity from their existing players with promotions.  As you well know, there are lots of clever ways, but one sure bet way to increase revenue is to get your players to invite their friends to come and play at the same online gaming sites they are playing at.

The Exclusive Bonuses

One of the most obvious is to have some strategically placed content on your site with references to some really great exclusive bonuses only offered to your players.  The “customized” or exclusive bonuses, promotions, and cash prizes can be provided to you from the operator. Most can configure this in the back end and they might even create some targeted creative banners for you.

Players need to know they can only get a specific generous bonus only if they go through your affiliate site.  Once you advertise that, then have a “Tell A Friend” graphic header and organize a special “coupon code” with your affiliate program so you get the credit for each player(s) that comes in.

Refer a friend

Another great way to get them to invite friends is to reward them for the players they bring in every time; just like an operator does, have your own “Refer A Friend” promotion offered by you. If your players can sign up to become a member of your site, then you’ve got their information and they can contact you with additional players.

Then once they bring in players you can reward them with special offers.  This can be small cash incentives or promotional items like electronic gadgets or even clothing. They don’t have to cost much, but at least the player will think he’s getting something for his work.

Social Media

Here is where you have to start using your Social Media Networking strategies.  Make sure your site(s) brand has at least a Facebook page and Twitter account. Also, make sure you display those logos and are easy to locate on your sites; and most importantly get them to become a “Friend” or even just “Like” your site on Facebook and Google+.

Whenever you have one of your small promotions items or exclusive bonuses, tournaments, contests, cash prizes or major jackpot announcements then make sure that those are always displayed across all social media outlets asking players to bring in their friends for a chance to win.

Then you need to join other groups and clubs in the same social network, so more people can become friends of your page or followers of your tweets.   Make sure you’re not always pushing the bonuses or promotions, but keep posting fun/inspirational/informative quotes or images to mix it up a bit.

Segment Your Product Offerings

It is commonly known that the biggest growing market for Social Media is women over 55. This demographic profile also plays bingo. You might want to look into setting up an affiliate site exclusively for bingo players.

A major component of the bingo vertical is the social aspect and chat features and communities associated with the games.   Then you can do lots of promotions for “Inviting Friends” that will already be in place and work with the individual operators you are promoting.

Once they get to know your brand and feel comfortable with your offers, then they will surely bring their friends so they can get those exclusive offers as well.  You might even consider doing some cross-promotions from your other sites so they know you have lots of offers for them and their friends.