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How to Create an Effective Facebook Page for Poker Portals and Blogs

Looking to jump on the Facebook freight train with your new poker website under arm? Where do you begin when there are already so many others that are well established? Fear not, I have a fast guide to get your website’s Facebook page started and visible to the world and all you have to do is set aside an hour and reap the wonders of the traffic from the largest social media site in existence.

Step One, Preparation.

You will need a few things ready in advance, and the more you work on these points, the better your page’s first impressions will be.

  • Write a detailed description of your website
  • Write a headline (short) description of your website
  • Get a list ready from your other social networks and/or email pool
  • Get your poker profile image ready. This should be about 200px wide.
  • Get your poker headline image ready. This should be about 600px wide.
  • Get your first post ready: Tell the world about your site, and why it is the best around. This will link to your first post and be the anchor post (the last thing a search spider will see on your page until the end of time) so it is very important to make this of the highest quality.

Step Two, Creating.

create personal pageYou will need a personal page first. If you already have a personal Facebook account, great! Use it and skip down to where you will select the type of page you want to create. Here we go:

  • Use a real email and a real picture of yourself. As you can see here, Jared Bates is two kittens and already likes the CAP homepage.
  • This is not your poker sites page, this is your personal, real person and info about you page. Using a pseudonym may be wise, but to each their own. Do not make a personal page for your poker website unless you enjoy wasting a lot of time.
  • Now, click on create a page. (figure A)
Figure A
  • Choose the option to create a Brand or Product page.
  • Select “website” and enter the name you want for your new poker page (figure B)
  • This is where you will upload that cool profile image you have ready.
  • This is also where you will agree to the terms that Facebook sets forth, and while doing so, I recommend selecting that your page is a business if they present you with that option. (new users will not get this option)
  • Now you can let them know about your contacts via other social networks you have, or email lists from other accounts. If you do not have anything yet, that is OK, everyone has to start somewhere.
Figure B
  • The next step is to upload your nice, large header image (figure C)
  • Figure C

    This should speak about the essence of your site, only visually.

  • It’s time to enter that detailed info I said to get ready before. Click on “update info” at the top menu bar and start copy/pasting into the correct fields.
  • Note that the brief description will show up on the front-page, and should be eye catching while being relevant and pleasing to your audience. (figure D)
  • The website filed will show up as “nofollow” in your about page.
Figure D






Final Step, Post and Advertise

  • Get that first post up and consider hitting the advertise button to start an audience. It is not cheap, but it still converts.
  • Share other webmasters posts on your Facebook page and be generous. Enjoy gaining notoriety and visibility leading to a successful project and more poker affiliate money in your pocket.

Author: Jared Bates