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How Do I Become a Casino Affiliate Marketer?

How do I become a casino affiliate marketer?

This is something of a trick question because getting started in the affiliate marketing business is relatively easy. In most cases, all you’ll really need to do is select an operator and fill out a few forms.

The real question to ask yourself is, “How do I become a successful casino affiliate marketer?”.

Getting connected with a credible casino affiliate marketing program should start with a significant amount of research. Would-be affiliates should be asking questions like:

  • How much marketing support does each operator offer?
  • Would I be working directly with an affiliate manager?
  • How does the casino operator pay? (Pay-per-head? Percentage? Hybrid?)
  • What kind of reputation does this affiliate marketing program have? (This is where sites like are very handy.)

There international gaming industry is a diverse and dynamic business that serves plenty of interesting niche markets. Part of any affiliate’s getting started process should involve finding a niche that’s personally interesting.

Though it’s always possible to take a general approach to casino affiliate marketing, many of the most successful affiliates specialize in distinct niches ranging from popular games like poker and slots, to the more obscure corners of the industry such as pinochle and backgammon.

We strongly suggest that new affiliates compare a large number of programs before committing to just one. Make a list of the features that stand out from each program and ask yourself what features are most important to you. If your getting started process involves a lot of work, a huge spreadsheet, and a never-ending list of questions, you’re getting started the right way.