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How to Build Your Profile in the B2B Press

B2B Press

Affiliates spend a lot of resources and time on building brand awareness among consumers, but it is just as important to have a presence in the B2B space.

There are several reasons for this, from making more operators and managers aware of your affiliate business to establishing you and your team as thought leaders in the space.

Many of the iGaming sector’s key stakeholders read the B2B press, whether that’s by checking daily news websites or reading monthly and quarterly magazines.

Of course, this includes affiliate program managers.

Sharing news and regularly contributing to B2B publications will help you engage with industry stakeholders and in particular affiliate managers.

Another reason you should build your profile in the B2B press is that you’ll establish yourself as a thought leader within the industry.

Over time, this will help you unlock other upsides; Google loves authoritative content, and press releases and thought leadership articles provide a good opportunity to naturally secure high-value backlinks.

How to Build Your Profile in the B2B Press:

There are many ways to secure opportunities within the B2B press, but the most common are press releases, articles, and interviews as well as speaking opportunities.

Below, we take a closer look at each.

Press Releases

Press releases are short pieces that you can distribute to the media whenever you announce major company news. Examples might include partnering with a new software supplier or operator, announcing your latest hire, or even entering a new market.

The publication will decide whether your news is worth covering. If it is, you will be able to generate plenty of interest in your affiliate business and brand. It’s worth noting that some websites might ask you to pay for coverage; you’ll need to decide whether it’s worth it in these cases.

Thought Leadership Posts

Regularly publishing valuable content within the B2B press is a powerful way of getting your name out there. Of course, you must have something interesting to say but anyone involved with the affiliate industry will be aware there is no end of topics to tackle.

When creating thought leadership content, think about what’s trending in the industry at that moment and provide your unique take on it. Draw from past lessons you’ve learned to add a personal touch.

Speaking Opportunities

Countless industry events take place every year and at each, there are plenty of speaking opportunities to take advantage of. Sometimes this might be in the form of a presentation, others it might be sitting on a panel with other industry experts.

Either way, speaking opportunities allow you to get your name and your affiliate business out there while establishing yourself as a thought leader.

For affiliates, the main upsides to undertaking B2B press activity is that you will be able to strike partnerships with more operators as they will become familiar with your business and most likely reach out to you.

Of course, there are also SEO benefits in terms of Google recognizing authority and also the possibility of building backlinks. But perhaps most importantly, it allows you to share your thoughts and experiences on what is an incredible industry.