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How to Build an Affiliate List that Looks Awesome and Works

Email marketing for casino affiliates has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for converting potential players into depositing ones. Sometimes just saying the right thing is not enough to push your client base toward the conversion point. Sometimes it has to look good as well in order to work better and Mail Chimp looks great. Here is a quick way to design an attractive and easily manageable affiliate email list using the new drag and drop editor:

Set up

First, create your Mail Chimp account and fill in all the profile data you can in the settings tab. It is important to fill in your social networks and any other profiles because Chimp will publish it at the bottom of your email automatically. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Mail Chimp List
Figure: A
  • Then create a Regular Campaign and name it something you will remember
  • Then create a New List (Figure: A). The list name is just for you. The Default From Name is very important. It should be something recognizable like “CAP Affiliate Jared Bates”. The Default Subject is the most important as it is your Email’s headline.
  • Click the next step which is the design phase

Design your Winning Email Fast with the new Drag and Drop Editor:

Drag and Drop Editor

  • Create a plain text layout
  • Begin by dragging your header logo or graphic content to the top of the editor. You may edit the images, their URL, alt tags, etc.
  • Then click on the text box below and edit it to your liking. It is a very straight forward html editor that has a lot of blog / WordPress type functionally as well. You really could spend the time making a mini website, but we are in it to get it done fast, effective and beautiful.

Half Way Done Mail ChimpFinished Email Campaign

  • The title should have your call to action in it, in this case its “play!”
  • Put a Contextual affiliate link next. Some people will only click on relevant text words and shy away from graphics
  • Your next line is your trust line. You want something that speaks to the honesty and integrity of your operation. Not just why it is the best
  • Now for more graphic pop! Put a nice small banner by dragging it from wherever and dropping it in the text edit field
  • Drag the social network tab icon from the right and put it in the bottom left space.
  • Then drag the button tab icon to the bottom right. Edit the button to be your call to action as a link with your affiliate ID inside.
  • Click Next and then Preview & Test as a pop-up to see what it looks like. (below)
  • Click Save and Exit to Lists (below, top right)

Whoa Slow Down

Affiliate Email List
Figure: B
  • Click View and then on Stats Overview (Figure: B)
  • This is where you can edit the functionality of your email list sign up form. 1. Pick what kind of code you will be embedding. 2. Customize your sign up form. 3. Put your code on your website to get some signups. (below)
  • When you have enough potential clients to send it out to, simply go back to the final step in your campaign and hit the Send Now button. Enjoy the highest conversion rate of any online marketing effort, the effective and beautiful Email list.

Email Marketing on Mail Chimp
Author: Jared Bates