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CAP Community Member of the Month Spotlight: February 2013

We are excited to spotlight CAP’s Community Member of the Month for February 2013… Congratulations, Halelovas!
Halelovas has been a member of CAP since 2007. In January 2013, Halelovas posted some great discussions, and he’s always encouraging other members to be better affiliates and help wherever he can. From HippoJo to Everest, some great posts were made to spark some interesting discussion.
Congrats to you Halelovas, and thank you for being a value member of the community!
We caught up with him to learn more about his career in the business!
How did you get started as being an affiliate in iGaming?
I have been playing online casinos since the late 90’s and collected extensive knowledge through personal experience and participation in various player forums. After I realized a lack of useful resources for information about online casino in 2006 I started making plans for my first website and established the project in 2007.
What are your top traffic drivers, and how did you learn them?
I aim to attract visitors by providing qualitative and honest information.
What factors do you look at when deciding on an operator?
I only chose an affiliate program if their casinos are of outstanding quality and earned a top notch reputation. If these factors are given, I will check the trustworthiness of the affiliate program. Based upon this I decide whether to cooperate with the program or not.
What are your thoughts on legal standing of the online gambling industry?
Games and casinos have already existed for thousands of years and this will not change from one day to another. On the negative side of this industry, there are  insincere licensing authorities and “regulators” that claim to be protecting customers, whereas the reality looks quite different.
What was the biggest lesson you learned in your years of being in this business?
You have to fight for your right.