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How Social Gaming Will Change Online Gaming

If we were to make a list of good business practices, it would certainly include some of the following items: diversify your streams of income, add new products and services that reach new markets, and address new innovations and their impact on your business as soon as they arrive.

With that said, let me reintroduce the topic of social gaming.

About Social Gaming

For many of you, the trend sounds like a broken record: you’ve watched Zynga products like Farmville explode into popular culture and see massive adoption rates. Many of you probably play Zynga’s Texas Hold’em game, the most popular poker site in the social media world. A lesser known but growing game, Dice with Buddies, promises to achieve levels of success that rival Words with Friends. You’ve played these games and thousands more. You’re aware of the significance of the Facebook gaming platform. But let me be clear: most of you are about to miss one of the biggest revolutions that the online gaming world has seen in a very long time. In my opinion, if you wait another year, you’ll have completely missed the boat.

I’m talking about the ability for affiliates to get involved in social gaming. Companies like Winner Affiliates are already offering affiliate programs for their social games on Facebook. As social gaming grows, especially in countries outside the United States, there will be a strong push to make real-money gambling a reality. We foresee real-money play (in countries where it is legal) providing another revenue stream for Facebook and game publishers, likewise, for affiliates and operators.

Here at Casino Affiliate Programs, we believe that Social Gaming is the next big innovation to hit online gaming (and Wired agrees), and like most new programs, the marketplace will get competitive quickly. Those who move early and quickly will be the big winners in this space.