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Holiday Promos for Casino Affiliates

The string of holidays that’s runs from November until January are big business for retailers, but they’re not always the best time of year for casino affiliates.

Between hectic holiday schedules and stretched-to-the-breaking-point budgets, plenty of casual gamblers simply don’t have online gambling on their radar this time of year.

Competing with family gatherings, vacations and trips to the mall isn’t easy, but it’s definitely possible. The challenge for casino affiliates is to not only get back on their player’s radar during the holidays, but to also provide them with enough value to keep them playing.

Holiday Themed Content

Let’s face it, Silent Night and a night at the casino are some pretty strange bedfellows, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tailor some interesting holiday-themed promotions of your own. The key here is keeping your holiday content light, cheery and mobile-friendly.

This isn’t the time of year for your in-depth, technical analysis of the WSOP, complete with five graphics. Players, even the ones who normally love that kind of content, could be too distracted to really dig into really meaty content. Holiday content that offers a quick read, like lists, is much more likely to get read.

Don’t Forget the Rest of the World

Christmas and Thanksgiving are a big deal in some parts of the world but in plenty of other parts, they’re just another day on the calendar. If you’re really looking to maximize your holiday revenues, you might want to consider a counter-Christmas campaign that goes where Christmas doesn’t.

This strategy involves digging through your analytics to get a better idea of where your players are coming from. Once you’ve narrowed down a few target markets, tailor a promotional e-mail for players from that region. It doesn’t have to be anything out of the ballpark, just a good solid offer.

Holiday Affiliate Promotions

Revenue Giants – If you’re looking for the perfect holiday revenue boost, check out this great deal from Revenue Giants. They’re offering a 35% Rev Share for the first 2 months after registration at Revenue Giants, on and monthly commissions. The rate goes back to 30% after the promo period ends.

PafPartners – The world of sports betting doesn’t take a break for the holidays. Between soccer, NFL football and basketball, punters have plenty of opportunities to wager with reputable sports books like PafPartners. They’re offering CAP affiliates a 40% revenue share for their first three months with the program and 25% thereafter. (That should get you through the holidays in any part of the world.)

InterPartners – Ready for a holiday blitz that really pays off? CAP affiliates who sign up with InterPartners can enjoy a 60% revenue share their first month; 50% in months two and three; and 25% thereafter.