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Holiday Online Selling Up in 2009 (So Far)

November 30, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — A lot of affiliate marketers build their sites around e-commerce and selling functions — even, occasionally, online gambling and online poker affiliates, especially those who have branched out into other areas besides gaming.

But even for those affiliate marketers in the U.S. who stick only to gambling, news this weekend that the post-Thanksgiving online sales boom has returned (after slumping in 2008) has to be greeted as good news. At any rate, it’s a sign that people are more willing to spend money online, which will no doubt have an effect on the Internet casino and gambling industry.

Online shoppers spent $595 million in the United States on “Black Friday”, the mass shopping day that follows the American Thanksgiving holiday, reports Reuters news service. This represents an 11 percent boost over the same day last year, when the economy was in the dimmest point of the recent recession.  

“The robust Web sales on Black Friday speak to retailers' attractive discounts online even on a weekend known for driving shoppers to brick-and-mortar stores,” the article stated.

And “Cyber Monday,” the post-Thanksgiving day thought to represent the year’s biggest online shopping day, hasn’t even passed yet in the United States.

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