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Google Rich Snippets Displays Betting Odds

Google is now featuring sports betting odds as rich snippets in its search results. It’s a move that’s every bit as intriguing as it is mysterious.
So far, there’s been no official word on why odds are turning up as rich snippets, or even if it’s a deliberate move on the part of the search giant.
What is clear is that sports betting rich snippets are an incredibly valuable prospect for sports betting affiliates who have optimized for snippets.
So far, the only sites that seem to be benefiting from the odds snippets are bigger operations that already enjoy prominent search rankings.
When it comes to American sports leagues, particularly the NFL and NBA, the big winner seems to be, a massive operation that’s likely to have implemented very sophisticated SEO tactics.
For European sports, there doesn’t seem to be as clear cut a winner, though does produce a snippet for searches like, Madrid Real Odds.
Given the fact that relatively few sites are currently optimized for rich snippets, this new development could set off a land rush as operators and affiliates to grab a piece of this newly discovered online real estate.
The emergence of odds on Google snippets is definitely a positive for the sports betting industry.
At the same time, there’s no guarantee that it’s anything more than an algorithmic hiccup triggered by well-crafted odds tables. (And given Google’s tempestuous relationship with the gambling industry, that’s a likely possibility.)