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Are Google Algorithms Driving You Crazy?

In their most recent update, Google announced that the new changes to their algorithm will impact about 35% of web searches. Google’s algorithm’s purpose is to deliver the most relevant content when people use their search engine. The change in the algorithm was made to ensure that the content Google provides to searchers is the most relevant and up-to-date.

The change is more likely to impact websites on topics like news, fashion, big global events, and others for which people usually want to see the freshest content.

Why is Google Playing Hard to Get?

Did you recently find out that your site went from being a P4 to a P1? If you did, keep reading to find out why this happened. If you didn’t, go check your stats and keep reading so you know how to avoid being rejected by the giant of search engines.

When it comes to the casino industry, Google will start focusing more on how up-to-date the news is on your site and how recent is the information you provide for promotions.  The new approach Google is taking is based on the assumption that the most relevant information for an event or topic is the one most relevant now.

The online gambling industry is constantly changing. Legal updates from around the world come in on a daily basis, new games are added to casinos which need to be reviewed, new promotions are launched and data needs to be recent. So if Google has for some reason demoted your site recently, you might want to look into how current is the information you provide and how relevant your topics are for online gambling search keywords.

So Google Doesn’t Like You… Big Deal!

We know that Google is the alpha male of search engines, and that all websites out there are trying to put on the nicest dress in order to impress him. However, Google turning you down for a little bit is not that big of a deal, and what’s even better: there are other tricks in the bag that you can pull off.

The key is to understand that the fact that Google doesn’t like your site as much does not mean that your website is terrible and that you should go out of business and use whatever little money is left to find a new profession. Your players will still visit your site, and the quality of the content is probably still great, and you still have a bunch of fans left from the provocative photos of yourself you posted last Christmas (ahem, Mr. Pratt).

The problem now is how recent the information on your site is. Don’t worry, even if you are not the most popular website out there right now, you can still get Google to take you to prom. You should focus on gathering the most recent information on all topics related to your site and online gambling. You can use RSS feeds for news and make sure you keep your forums active with all the new topics. If you follow advice, not only will you get Google to like you more, but your players will also start looking at your site as a place where they can find everything relevant to online gambling.

Did Google turn you down? What are you doing to get back in shape? Please share your opinions on the latest Google algorithm update with other CAP members at our forums!