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Google AdWords Re-opens to Gambling in Austria and Ireland

April 28, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Following the recent decision of Google to re-open its AdWords feature to online gambling in Ireland and Austria, affiliate marketing network Income Access has rolled out a series of new tools designed to help affiliates get the most out of the feature.

The tools were specially developed for affiliates to track the performance of AdWords campaigns, including fast tracking of campaigns and enhanced PPC reporting tools designed to track the conversions and lifetime performance of keywords. The new services by Income Access can even directly manage the operators’ campaigns, if that level of assistance is needed.

Following in the footsteps of a recent decision in the U.K. market, Google’s re-opening of the AdWords campaigns in Austrian and Irish markets to operators with an existing license in those markets is a promising development in the European iGaming industry.

“Seeing two more AdWords jurisdictions open up to online gaming shows how the industry has matured,” commented Nicky Senyard, Income Access CEO. “These changes in Google’s policy represent a significant opportunity for operators and affiliates to boost their traffic. Through our SEM Agency, Income Access offers both parties all the support they need to become white-listed in these jurisdictions and deploy Adwords campaigns that are optimized for the igaming marketplace.”

Income Access partners with some of the most popular sites in online gaming, including Ladbrokes,, Market-Ace, Victor Chandler, and Game Account.

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