Good Prospects for Online Horse Racing in Barney Frank's Bill

June 5, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Legislation currently making its way through the U.S. Congress that seeks to overturn the UIGEA and fully legalize and regulate online gambling has picked up a lot of support and media attention — far more than Barney Frank’s previous attempt to pass a similar bill last year.

Following the story’s coverage in the mainstream U.S. media, it’s interesting to note that different regions have different expectations and hopes for the legislation.

For the Baltimore Sun, the bill represents a chance to rejuvenate the lagging horse race betting industry. In to a recent article, writer Jeff Barker states that, although online horse racing is prohibited by the UIGEA, “online horse racing bets are an accepted practice in Maryland and many other states.”

Barker sees further opportunities for horse racing in combining it with other forms of online gambling. “The legislation could aid horse racing by allowing sites to offer horse betting and poker together,” he writes.

Horse race betting has struggled to compete with other types of gambling, and would benefit from a cross-over with poker, which is enjoying enormous popularity.

"Anything to expand the horse racing product to the masses and to create a younger demographic is something that needs to be explored," commented Tom Chuckas, president of the Maryland Jockey Club.

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