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How To Ensure Payments from Your Affiliate Programs

It is the end of the month, the bills have been piling up and that plasma TV screen is only on sale for a few more days, yet there are no signs of your payment anywhere. How many times have you had to wait for a payment to be delivered to you? Many casinos and affiliate programs have set dates in which payments are issued, but there are some that don’t comply to these rules which translates to financial instability in some affiliates’ lives. Even if you don’t need the money, it is simply a matter of courtesy for payments to be issued on time and you shouldn’t be kept waiting for your well-earned money.
Many affiliates often don’t know how to ensure they receive their checks promptly and decide to wait until the company issues the payment, which can take from a few days to even weeks and months. Let it be clear that we are not trying to wage war between unpaid affiliates and late paying companies, but instead we want to guarantee that you are getting what you deserve on time. In order for this to happen, there needs to be individual and collective action directed towards the same goal: timely payments.
Preventive Action

  • Make sure you send your invoices on time to avoid delayed payments.
  • Keep an invoice schedule and make your invoices as detailed and clear as possible to avoid misunderstandings.
  • When you sign up for an affiliate program make sure to check the established payment dates and corroborate the information you find with a company’s representative.
  • Before becoming uneasy about a delayed payment, check any newsletter that the program may have issued that may have related information (these should be available on their website and if you can’t find them easily don’t waste time looking, go ahead and ask directly).

Corrective Action
1. Contact the Company.
If this is the first time a certain company failed to deliver your payment on time there’s no need to stress too much about it. This could be due to numerous reasons so the first step is to contact the company to ensure they are aware of the delay on your payment. This will open a channel of communication  between you and the company that will give understanding to both parties on what the situation is.
To deal with frequently delayed payments it is key that affiliates contact the company within a few days after the established payment date and express their concern because if they are the only person who hasn’t been paid then they will explain the reasons for it or be aware that there is a problem in the processing of their payment. Even better is if this is happening to many affiliates because the company will receive multilateral pressure that can push them towards delivering their payments on time, or at least to letting affiliates know in advance that payments will be delayed.
2. Make It Public.
Forums are a good way to spread the word, which can be helpful when dealing with a delayed payment. Not only does this inform other affiliates (who may be experiencing the same) of the situation, but it also exposes the company to the community and no online gambling services provider is interested in bad publicity.
At the CAP forums we have often seen affiliates ask one another how to deal with these problems collectively and what ations are being taken by others to get their payments. This creates a great sense of community and lets companies know that there is an overall consensus among affiliates to receive their payments on time. After all, no one loses from other affiliates being paid and everyone has something to win by solving this issue.
3. Get Rid of Useless Programs.
This applies to those programs in which you are not making a fortune and they still fail to pay on time. If the program has no significant value to you don’t hesitate to get rid of it. This communicates that affiliates aren’t willing to deal with programs like that and other companies in the industry will hopefully take the hint.
4. CAP Resolution System.
CAP offers a public and private resolution system for issues with different affiliate programs in the industry.  This resource is free and part of CAP’s commitment to serving iGaming affiliates. This is a mediation program that helps affiliates reach out to these companies more efficiently.
Affiliates are able to fill out a form to file a private complaint for CAP-listed programs, which are what populate the drop down.  However, the CAP forums are open to all other programs.
With programs listed on our site, we will help you solve the issue diplomatically and effectively. The complaint should include a thorough description of the situation and any evidence the affiliate can provide. Once the complaint is filed an affiliate manager will handle the case privately and affiliates can communicate with them directly via email or through this website. This service is available for those dealing with delayed payments, and any other issues that may arise between an affiliate and an affiliate program.