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Get Paid Faster with Skrill

Skrill offers extensive promotional support.

For gaming affiliates, the simple act of sending and receiving payments can be an incredibly complicated and frustrating process.
That’s why more and more partners are looking to payment processing services like Skrill to help streamline a process that’s become far more complicated than it should be. And thanks to an affiliate program of their own, this service can help partners earn additional revenue from existing players.
We recently sat down with Skrill’s Affiliate Channel Manager, Rossen Yordanov to find out exactly how affiliates can use payment processors to help streamline their business operations.
How Skrill Works
Skrill (formerly known as Moneybrokers) is an e-wallet service that holds and transfers funds online. Clients can receive payments from affiliate operators and pay out vendors or players from their Skrill account from any computer with a web browser.
On the surface, this sounds a lot like standard online banking, but Skrill adds a number of features that are above and beyond what your local banker offers.
What Skrill Offers to Affiliates
Skrill is, for all intents and purposes, a middleman. But this is one of those rare instances where the middleman actually adds a tremendous amount of value to the payment process.
That’s because e-wallet transactions can be conducted seamlessly in a number of currencies without the standard waiting times most traditional banks impose. For gaming affiliates who do business with international players this removes several, very frustrating, layers from the payment process.
Removing hold periods means affiliates can access their funds as soon as they land in the account. Skrill also provides a dedicated Master Card debit card that can be used to withdraw funds from ATMs or to make purchases at land-based retailers.
Security Features
For affiliates, and players, who worry about the security of online transactions, e-wallet services like Skrill are just what the doctor ordered. Funds can be transferred from Skrill accounts to online casinos or other accounts without inputting card numbers and other sensitive account information. This limits exposure to fraud and hackers.
Skrill adds an additional layer of protection with a security token that generates a unique log-in password every time you access your account. Unless a hacker has the actual fob, they’ll be unable to access your funds.
Want to learn more about how services like Skrill can help your business? Check out our How to Get Paid Faster webinar.
Skrill Affiliate Revenues
Besides the security advantages, Skrill offers an affiliate program that pays a 20% revenue share on player deposits and purchases. Every time one of your players uses his or her e-wallet to deposit at an online casino, the affiliate partner gets a cut, but it doesn’t end there. Affiliates also take a cut of any purchase made from the player’s account at online and land-based retailers.
Yordanov understands that asking players to sign up for a Skrill account and a casino account at the same time can be a challenge. To help address this issue, the company offers year round promotions and bonus offers that help convert players into account holders.
In an international, web-based, business like igaming, Skrill offers a level of convenience and security that traditional banks can’t compete with. Casino affiliates who are looking to streamline their payment processing while opening new revenue streams should definitely give them a look.