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Gambling911: Bodog Continues to Bounce Checks ( issued a warning: "Be careful when depositing one of those Bodog checks. They could be rubber and bounce like an NBA basketball."


In the wake of a number of reports speculating on just what's happening with Bodog, this latest warning only highlights the company's historical difficulties with payment processors. This, writes Christopher Costigan in the article, "has emerged as a result of the group's insistence on utilizing more internal avenues of processing as opposed to working with outside companies. It is with some irony that this business model has played a major role in building the Bodog brand in recent years.


"But the environment has changed," he continues. "For those depositing these 'suspect' checks, there is more than just an insufficient funds fee at stake. One's credit score can be damaged as well. Bounced checks can trash your credit!"

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