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Gambling Law Expert Comments on New Internet Gambling Bill

August 7, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — You've probably heard the name I. Nelson Rose before. When news stories about Internet gambling laws get written, he’s usually on the top of the list of people consulted. A professor at California’s Whitter Law School, Rose was quoted heavily when news broke recently of the U.S. government’s $33 million online poker asset freeze, for example.

Professor Rose has weighed in on New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez’s new online gambling regulatory bill, introduced yesterday in the United States Senate. Basically, this new bill is like Barney Frank’s online gambling bill “on steroids,” Rose writes. It is to Frank’s bill “what a hurricane is to a summer squall.”

“At 91 pages, it is longer, and more comprehensive, than all of the other proposals put together,” Rose continues. “Although it still needs some revisions, it answers many important questions left unclear by the proposals in the House. Yet, it also is more limited, starting with the fact that it would only authorize Internet poker and other games of skill.”

To read Rose’s full commentary, please click here.