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Gambling Affiliate Programs We Miss Most

Whether you’ve been in the iGaming business for a couple years or a couple decades, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen a lot changes during that time.
On a recent CAP forum thread titled, Ahhh…The Good Old Days! What Do You Miss The Most?, we asked gaming affiliates to share memories of their early days in the business. Over the next few weeks we’ll be walking down memory lane and looking back at those good times, starting with a few recollections of some of the memorable sites that are no longer with us.
Stinky Fish Poker

Remember Stinky Fish Poker?

Stinky Fish saw its heyday in the days when social media meant MySpace and nothing else. They developed a reputation for good times and scantily clad booth models at the WSOP. One of the founding partners here at CAP recalls late night poker games with the Stinky Fish crew at the lavish, $40,000-a-night, Hugh Hefner suite at the Palms in Las Vegas. We’d like to tell you more, but the first rule of Stinky Fish is, “You don’t talk about Stinky Fish.”