Fult Tilt Remissions Hit 92% Mark

It seems safe to say that most players whose Full Tilt Poker accounts were frozen on Black Friday did not expect to ever see that money again.
But, as of this writing, Full Tilt Poker is reporting that a whopping 92% of those players have been made whole by the poker giant and its parent company Amaya Gaming.
Of course for every, well-deserved, accolade Full Tilt is receiving for their handling of the remittance process, there are a few critiques that bubble up in online poker forums that are worth a closer look.
Specifically, former FTP players are still wondering why it took so long for their money to arrive, especially when the company had announced in October that the last undisputed claims had been settled.
Other players complained that they didn’t receive any warning that their money was arriving. (Perhaps they were planning a, “Welcome Home,” party for their long lost cash?)
Given the complexity of the remittance process and Amaya’s purchase of Full Tilt, it seems as though there’s really very little to complain about. After all, online gambling forums are rife with tales of lost funds that will never be resolved.
Players should also consider that this last batch of accounts, though undisputed, involved numerous complexities that made resolving them especially difficult.
While US players shouldn’t have to grovel to get back money they deposited in good faith in the pre-Black Friday era, they should also be grateful that Amaya stepped up and purchased Full Tilt.
If that hadn’t have happened, their money would likely be gone for good.