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Full Tilt’s Impressive First 24 hours

Full Tilt Logo
Full Tilt: Back In Style

The new Full Tilt Poker is off to a quick running start demonstrating its poker brand rejuvenation strength with the second highest online poker traffic next to its parent company PokerStars.   It goes to show that this forgiving gaming industry likes to give companies a second chance.
Since they’ve rebooted with real money players, just in the first 24 hours Full Tilt has achieved a peak of 14,378 ring game players, compared to Stars’ 29,046. They’ve also recorded an average of 8,686 ring game players compared to Stars’ 18,350.
Joel Keeble director for H2 Gambling Capital stated: “For the first 24 hours following the re-launch of Full Tilt there was more volatility in player numbers, especially in the initial hours, than had been seen previously. At this stage it looks like the majority of players have migrated from PokerStars, with their expected liquidity levels dropping by circa 5,000.”