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View CAP Offers Warns Visitors It’s Illegal to Play at Dutch Casinos

Come Play At European Casinos is the first affiliate based in the Netherlands to promote Dutch casinos with no Dutch content.  They’ve even started to warn all visitors that come to the site that it’s illegal to play at casinos in the Netherlands.  But that’s not stopping them from building a niche for themselves in the European affiliate marketplace.
While the Dutch government’s regulation creates tough situations for some, sees an opportunity by exploiting the domestic and international player’s “romantic” desire of playing in European style online casinos.
Players from the US love to feel like they are traveling to Europe, and so why not get the next best thing and play in an online European Casino. can strategically develop their brand as the European casino affiliate destination for players to come from all over the world.
They even say proudly and prominently on their site: “It’s a terrific time to start playing at a European Gambling Site.”
The site promotes online casinos, live casinos, strategy, online video slots and lots of casino news on the industry.  Players can even select the language they prefer with the US flag right there at the top. They even come right out and say European players should look out for and take advantage of the US players.
The opportunity is obvious: Capitalize on attracting US players to European online casinos and bring in the European players to play against them, improving player liquidity from both sides of the pond.