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FTOPS 9 Main Event Pays Winner $432,400

August 19, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — The current ninth edition of the Full Tilt Poker Series main event lived up to its previous record for big names, large entry fields and top prizes this week, with 4,880 players entering the $500+$35 buy-in online spectacular, each hoping for the biggest possible slice of the guaranteed $2.5 million prize pool. 
By the time the final table nine had been reached, player "Sckilla" was half a million in the lead with 4,646,087 in chips, chased by "Valleyho" on 4,177,484 and the eventual winner "Dubbeemin" on 3,574,154.
With the blinds at 60,000/120,000 and a 15,000 ante, 'TiltinShoes' was the first elimination, taken out by Dubbeemin. He was followed by aaaFRANCESCOzzz, who was eliminated by Pokerguru19 in eighth place. Leaving for the exit in seventh spot was Tvcsa, another victim of Pokerguru19.
Headed for the rail in sixth position was Hemlock1313 in the 80,000/160,000/20,000 level, busted out by Valleyho, who went on to eliminate Sckilla for a fifth placing, departing with the first of the six figure paychecks of just over $100,000. With blinds at 120,000/240,000 and an ante of 30,000, Valleyho maintained an aggressive run, next knocking out Pokerguru9 in fourth place for a payday of $132,500.
Moving into three-handed action, Dubbeemin was strongly positioned with a chip count of 13,219,393, comfortably ahead of Valleyho (8,438,068) and TheTotalPkg (2,742,539) and some enterprising poker took place before TotalPkg was taken down in third place by Dubbeemin at the 140,000/280,000/35,000 level. TheTotalPkg collected $170,000 from the cashier on his way out.
Dubbeemin was now in a dominant lead position with 18,710,031 in chips against his heads up opponent Valleyho, who held 5,689,969, and the end came predictably fast with Dubbeemin collecting the $432,400 main prize, leaving second placed Valleyho with a payday of $262,500.