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Frankly Perfect Win at FTOPS 10

November 14, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — The latest Full Tilt Online Poker Series continued to produce plenty of action this week, with a well-named player nicknamed "Frankly Perfect" delivering a polished performance to take down Event 16, the $200+$22 NLHE 6-max with rebuys.
The game attracted a field of 1,032 entrants with 2,047 rebuys and 688 add-ons, generating a useful prize pool of $1,130,100, with the main prize set at $235,625.85.
The final table was whittled down to:
frankly perfect – 1,840,481 chip leader
eisenhower1 – 1,095,070
David Pham – 1,041,092
bundas1 – 850,568
Jonathan "xMONSTERxDONGx" Karamalikis – 651,552
govshark2 – 515,737
Living up to his handle, "frankly perfect" made the most of his substantial chip lead, building it to a 4-to-1 advantage over his remaining opponent, Jonathan "xMONSTERxDONGx" Karamalikis as the heads up climax of the game was reached. The blinds and antes were still 17,000/34,000/4,000, with players giving it a full go right up to the 25,000/50,000/6,000 level of play before frankly perfect managed to get the upper hand and defeat his last remaining contestant.
For an impressive and disciplined display of poker-playing, "frankly perfect" took home $235,625.85, leaving second-placed Karamalikis with $157,083 and change. Third-placed pro David Pham was also in six-figure paycheck territory with $111,879.90.