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Frank's Anti-UIGEA Bill Delayed

June 26, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — On the heels of the good news that Barney Frank's new bill to fully legalize gambling on the Internet, the Internet Gambling Regulation Consumer Protection & Enforcement Act, has gained its 35th sponsor, comes news that isn’t quite so exciting. eGaming Review Magazine and a number of other sources are reporting that efforts to pass the bill have been put on hold, probably until September.

The current financial crisis in the U.S. (and abroad) is apparently occupying too much of Congress’ time. That isn’t much of a surprise, given that the introduction of the bill was pushed back a number of times this past spring for that same reason.

Still, it is a disappointment, given how much media coverage and general support (both political and public) this issue has been receiving lately. Here’s hoping that the level of interest only goes up throughout the summer, putting the bill in an even better position come September (when time will be running out to pass it before the year ends).

To read the report at eGaming Review magazine, click here. To follow the progress of the Internet Gambling Regulation Consumer Protection & Enforcement Act, please click here.