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Fired Trump Aide's Security Problems Included Online Gambling

When Donald Trump’s personal valet, John McEntee, 27, was fired for security issues last week, those issues included a regular online gambling habit. That, among other things, was enough to earn him a Secret Service escort out of the White House that didn’t even include a stop at his former office to grab his jacket.
Details about McEntee’s alleged online gambling habits are scant, and were broken by the gambling media days before the story line was picked up by more mainstream news outlets like the Daily Mail. Still, multiple sources seem to confirm that one of McEntee’s biggest sins, in the eyes of the FBI anyways, was his online gambling habit.
Online gambling is, of course, illegal in all US States except New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. McEntee, of course, doesn’t live in any of those states. McEntee lives in close quarters to the President of the United States in Washington D.C. McEntee’s position to the man in the White House is so close that his unofficial title is, “body man.”
Engaging in illegal, immoral or unethical behavior of any kind puts federal employees at risk of being blackmailed by enemies of the state, both foreign and domestic. That could have been a major problem for a young who sits close to the seat of power and, according to multiple published reports, can produce a perfect forgery of Trump’s signature.
McEntee, who once played quarterback for the University of Connecticut, is said to have eschewed more traditional vices such as drugs and alcohol and is generally regarded as something of a straight arrow. Now that his gambling habits have cost him his job at the White House, McEntee has found full-time employment working to help re-elect Trump in 2020.