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Facebook: 50,000 “Like” links in one week

May 13, 2010 (CAP News Wire) – In the ongoing battle of the social marketing brands, Facebook has just scored a big goal: A week after it implemented its new “Like” button, designed to spread its brand even further throughout the Internet, it was reported that at least 50,000 websites have integrated this feature.

The “Like” button is being used by people to recommend websites, blogs, news articles, and other such pieces of net goodies to their friends. It’s another step in the social media chain, yet it has huge implications for Facebook: This new proliferation of links throughout cyberspace will probably change the face of SEO and search marketing in a big way. And that’s potentially a threat to Google, who now rules the SEO roost.

“Tech blogs largely have reacted favorably to Facebook’s effort to spread itself all over the web,” writes John D Sutter at CNN. “Some have expressed concerns about privacy and the fact that Facebook may want to be a singular, dominant force on the Internet, putting it in competition with search engine giant Google.”

“Social plugins are just the first step in Facebook’s ambitious plan to become the central nexus of the web,” he writes. “With this kind of adoption success, it’s tough to imagine a scenario where Facebook doesn’t take over the web.”