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Experts teach how SEO & SMO create great backlinks recently hosted a webinar with SEO & SMO experts Scott Polk and Sarah Carling, the founders of ObsidianEdge, to discuss how SEO and social media can work together to create great backlinks.

This is an important topic for online marketers. Social media use has skyrocketed, and all those social networking posts have become a powerful source of backlinks.

Check out an excerpt of the video below to learn how to better focus your online marketing methods, tools and strategies to utilize social media in organic SEO link-building.

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The webinar, titled “How to Utilize Social Media in Organic Link Building,” discussed how social media exposure can actually strengthen link-building and backlinks — directly creating the kind of SEO power that delivers high-tier traffic.

Additional key points in this webinar include:
How to strengthen your link-building using social media
Why employing social media can help your SEO strategy
How to apply these methods to your affiliate business

An excerpt from the August 2 webinar. A streamed recording of the full webinar is available free of charge to newsletter subscribers.

Click here to access the full webinar

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