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Social Media Secrets Exposed by Industry Experts

Social Media recently hosted an informative and engaging live webinar titled “How Can Affiliates Best Leverage Social Media to Grow Site Traffic?”
If you’re an affiliate marketer, you know what an important topic this is. Social media can help you increase the authority of your affiliate marketing website, which can boost your traffic and your commissions.
This webinar featured two Social Media experts: Dave Snyder, who is a world-renowned authority on link marketing, and Brent Csutoras, a seasoned Internet marketing consultant who primarily specializes in Social Media, Viral Linkbait and Social Seeding. Both are the co-founders of BlueGlass, a leading Social Media consulting agency.

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This webinar provides all the information you’ll need to know in order to best leverage social media tools to boost the authority, traffic and search engine ranking of your casino affiliate website.
Here’s what our experts covered in the webinar:

  • The psychology of linking/sharing
  • How you can use retargeting to increase linking
  • The value of social seeding in online marketing
  • Effective ways to combine and utilize paid social ads
  • How can you monitor and measure social success

In addition, this webinar included an extended Q&A session with our experts answering real questions by real affiliate marketers.

An excerpt from the October 5 webinar. A streamed recording of the full webinar is available free of charge to newsletter subscribers.

I want to see the webinar!

Stay tuned to the blog for more information about our next free webinar for casino affiliate marketers.