Euro 2012 So Far: Why Affiliates Should Care

If you’re a sports book affiliate you’re well aware of how potential huge, international sporting events like the EUFA Euro 2012 tournament can generate. It’s not too late to start promoting these matches on your site because there’s still plenty of Euro 2012 action left.

To help you catch up, here’s a preview of what’s been happening at Euro 2012 so far.

Gone But Not Forgotten

To say that there were some major disappointments in round one is putting it on the mild side. Soccer audiences have been stunned, and sport books pleased, with some of the big upsets we’ve seen since the tourney started.

Perhaps no team turned in a more disappointing performance in round one than the Netherlands. Many had picked the Dutch to go far in the tournament and almost no one picked the plucky Danes to beat them 1-0 in the early Group B action. The Netherlands went on to lose to Portugal and Germany before getting eliminated.

Many soccer enthusiasts felt that co-host team Poland stood a chance at moving along, but after draws against Greece and Russia, they finally gave in with a 1-0 loss to the Czech Republic.

Upstarts and Underdogs

By far the biggest surprise of the tournament so far has been the top notch performance from the Greek team. The plucky Greeks are shrugging off the weight of their homeland’s dismal economic situation and just focused on winning.

After pulling major upsets over the Czechs and Russians, these guys are turning into the team to watch. Pulling traffic with previews and picks of their huge match up with the Germans on Saturday is a no-brainer. Remember, tensions between the Greek and German governments over austerity measures are inflaming national passions in both countries. This could be one of the best matches of the entire tournament.

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Big Dogs

Of course not every team is surprising fans with their performance. The Germans, for example, have long been favored to go the distance in the Euro 2012 and so far no one has been able to stop them.

One team that’s got a decent shot at stopping Germany is Portugal. They’ve been a pleasant surprise for football fans, but given the star power of Cristian Ronaldo, that’s not surprising. Ronaldo scored two goals in their win over the Netherlands and should continue to be a major factor throughout the tournament.

Euro 2012 Content Cross-Promotion

Euro 2012 content is a perfect time for sports betting affiliates to cross-promote other upcoming events like the London Olympics and next year’s World Cup. When you’ve got this many soccer fans looking for great content, why not take advantage of the situation?

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