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How To Build An E-Mail List

Make It Easy

Building a solid e-mail list is a lot easier when you make subscribing to your content as easy as possible. Make certain you’ve got plenty of subscription links all over your that contain a clear call to action; and don’t stop being easy there.

Subscription sign ups are a great opportunity to capture all kinds of demographic information and plenty of customers are more than happy to share all kinds of information with you. But be certain you’ve got a quick registration option that allow subscribers to easily sign up with just a name and e-mail address. You’ll be surprised at how this single step can increase your list in a short time.

And don’t just make signing up easy, make unsubscribing easy, too. Making an unsubscribe link visible and easy-to-use shows subscribers that they’re dealing with a credible company. These folks may decide that they no longer want the e-mail, but might still be interested in doing business with you. So why alienate them?

Last Word

A solid, Benefit Based Invitation is the key to building a big subscriber base; and quality content is the key to keeping that subscriber base. E-mail’s going to be with us for the foreseeable future, so learning to build your e-mail newsletter lists the right way is a skill worth knowing.