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How To Build An E-Mail List

Respect Your Subscribers

How many times have you subscribed to an e-mail newsletter or bulletin and quickly stopped reading it because it published too often? If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably got two or three of these subscriptions that just get deleted because unsubscribing from them is too easy.

Remember that you’re sending out your newsletters and bonus offers to busy people who are on the verge of information overload. You can respect their decision to subscribe to your newsletter by not bombarding them constant updates and offers. (This applies to social media, too.)

Establishing yourself as a must read e-mail week in and week out takes work, but it’s something your subscribers will appreciate. Their time is valuable and once you’ve done the work to gain them as a subscriber, it would be shame to lose them in the noise and clutter of the average e-mail in-box.