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Dutch regulators look to 'terrify' gambling operators with new fine scheme

Regulators at Netherlands’ Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Dutch gambling authority, are introducing a new set of fines for operators who flout the country’s recently liberalized gambling laws. It’s yet another sign that anything like a free ride for operators who work outside of the law in Europe is a thing of the past.
The KSA announced its new fine schema last week and let gambling operators know that the new fine schedule would be the final word as March 1. Under the new plan, fines for illegally serving Dutch customers will start at €200,000 ($226,000 USD). That’s a decent leap from the current starting point of €150,000 ($170,000 USD).
But the KSA warns that this is merely a starting point. Violators may have their fines adjusted (upward) based on a variety of criteria including: how many websites the operator is running; how many specific games are being illegally offered; what kind of promotions are being used (remember, deposit bonuses are heavily regulated these days); and, finally, how many Dutch players were drawn into the fold.
Just to show they’re not kidding around, the KSA has devised a special schedule of fines for repeat offenders. Gambling operators who have ignored a previous warning could see their fines increased by 25 percent. Operators who have already been fined once can expect to see their fines double.
In a public statement, reported on by, KSA chairman René Jansen said that the new plan was needed because the old fine schedule for gambling operators was, “…not terrifying enough.” Hopefully, operators will be scared into line with the new plan.