Dutch Government OK's Online Sports Betting (Some Restrictions May Apply)

The Dutch government is well on its way towards legalizing most forms of online sports betting. There are, however, a few restrictions that will remain in place as part of an effort to limit match fixing.
Under the proposed measures, which have actually been languishing in committee for over a year, Dutch residents will be able to place wagers with any regulated gaming site they choose. Currently, Dutchmen can only bet through the government lotto site, and only on games that are already in progress.
The new sports betting rules have the approval of the country’s coalition government, which consists of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and Labour Party (PvdA).
Holland’s sports betting liberalization is not, however, comprehensive. Some live betting situations, such as whether a red card will be pulled, will still be prohibited. The idea behind the live betting ban is to limit wagering to events that can’t easily be manipulated.
Apparently Dutch officials are very concerned about the possibility of criminal elements impacting game play and are doing everything they can to prevent that scenario. In an interview with nltime.nl, an official from the Dutch soccer association, KNVB, expressed his support for the measures saying:

Limiting gambling opportunities in this way is a profit for the sport. The important thing is that not criminals, but players on the field, determine how the match plays out. And these proposals contribute to that.

If approved, the new measures would take effect some time in 2017.