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DOJ Keeps $66 Million of PokerStars Settlement

The Department of Justice is hanging on to $66 million in funds it received from its recent settlement with PokerStars in the Black Friday case. The money is being set aside in case of further claims from the State of Kentucky and CardRoom International.

Both Kentucky and CardRoom International filed claims on the settlement that were dismissed.

Kentucky’s case revolves around 140 domains it attempted to take over in 2008. The DOJ says the Commonwealth had not only had no right to seize them, they also weren’t successful in those attempts.

Cardroom International’s claim is similarly complicated and revolves around Full Tilt’s alleged interference with the company’s free poker software.The company is now claiming that wide ranging copyright violations by Full Tilt that were never fully addressed when the company was in business.

For their part, the DOJ is vigorously denying the validity of both claims saying:

(The DOJ) does not concede that Kentucky or Cardroom International has standing to assert a claim, a meritorious claim, or that their respective values are equal to the substitute funds being held.

So far there’s no word on when a final settlement could be expected or what will happen to the money if it does go to Kentucky and International Cardroom.