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3 Proven Ways to Diversify Your Mobile Buys

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In order to make mobile a profitable part of your business, you have to tailor your mobile marketing strategies to this market so that players will react and convert to real money players.

There are essentially 3 proven ways for diversifying your mobile advertising strategy necessary to be effective:

1) Text Messaging or SMS

As far as mobile advertising strategies goes, sending out text messages to your players is an excellent way to inform them of upcoming promotions/events so they can get the info fast and respond.

Always make sure you have a good offer so they know that you will only contact them if it’s really worth it and they don’t want to miss out.  Make sure your messages are short and right to the point with a call to action, or limited time offer.  Then have them go to a landing page that is prepared just for that message so there is a “flow of the offer” where the viewer can get more information and easily make a purchase.

Get as much data from your players too, and that includes their cell numbers so you can add them to all the campaigns.

2) Mobile is International, but buy regionally

One of the best ways to make your mobile advertising work well is to buy regionally.  Get in contact with regional data and cell providers and find out what their campaign costs are to run over a select period of time and then negotiate.  They will usually have a block of time or number of messages that you can send out and are billed accordingly.

Different ad networks specialize in different traffic types as well so analyze each market and see what campaign suites your players and fits into your mobile advertising budget.

If you go the regional route make sure you look into having your messages translated into the appropriate languages if needed for each and every international market.  You might also want to diversify your messages to wrap around a special event that is going on in that market.

This way your audience will see you as supporting their regional events and you will get a better response.   You might want to look at even doing a small sponsorship at an event so you can tie it in with your mobile branding efforts.

3) Testing and segmenting are important

Find out what mobile buying strategy works for your brand best.  An effective way is to always do a test campaign so you can see the results and if that fits with your target market.  For example, if you’re targeting mobile slots to women in a particular market, try a test campaign that will appeal to just women over all and tailor your offer to a special campaign or event on the calendar, like for example Valentine’s Day.

Remember to stay flexible and look for the right combination of mobile buys before you expand in each market.  Mobile is an excellent way to segment your market before you go for larger more aggressive buys.

Finally, do your research on how people are interacting with mobile advertising as this will give you more insight on how to keep improving and diversifying your buys.