Crowds cheer demolition of Trump Casino in Atlantic City

Running a casino isn’t easy, even if you fancy yourself to be one of the greatest businessmen in history. If you don’t believe that, just ask former US President and failed casino boss, Donald Trump. His reign in Atlantic City came to a crashing conclusion this week when the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino was razed to the ground after standing idle for more than six years, as a crowd of onlookers cheered its demise.

Trump’s time in Atlantic City will best be remembered for its excesses, but not in the revenue department. The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino was the fourth, and final, AC casino to bear his name and the last one standing. Before its closure in 2014, the glittering palace distinguished itself as the worst-performing casino on the Boardwalk. In 2014 it was pulling in as much revenue every eight months as the Borgota was pulling in every two weeks, according to a report from the UK Guardian.

A crowd of onlookers was on hand to witness the demise of Trump’s former casino and cheered loudly as the building was reduced to dust. They paid $10 a car for the privilege of viewing the event and were not disappointed as a long running blight was removed from the AC skyline.

Trump’s reign in Atlantic City was marked by decorative excesses, glittering celebrities, and a complete lack of revenue. Somehow the world’s greatest businessman was never able to consistently turn a profit on his casino ventures, leaving only a legacy of dust and ruin.