The big prize - Lord Stanley's Cup

Starting tonight, and for almost every night for the next month and a half, the NHL playoffs will be the best show in professional sports. The road to the Stanley Cup Finals is a mini-season in itself with well over a hundred games before someone kisses the cup.

For gaming affiliates, it a nearly two month opportunity to grab new players from an international pool of sophisticated sports fans who bet a lot more than you might think.

Playoff Basics

Each round of the playoffs is a best of seven series that’s played over the course of around twelve days (if it goes to seven games. ) The first two games are played on the home ice of the higher seeded teams. After that, the rest of the series alternates between the two home arenas. It makes for some amazing action.

Playoff action in most sports is considered a step up from regular season play, but hockey players tend to step it up to a much higher level. Last season only one semi-final round went four and out, and that’s a pretty consistent number throughout the playoffs.

International Flavor

Unlike most professional sports leagues, the NHL draws its players from a very international pool. While the majority of the players do come from the United States and Canada, there’s also a large number of players from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. This presents affiliates with some good opportunities to target players from countries with big time players.

NHL Promos for Gaming Affiliates

There’s no shortage of CAP approved sports book affiliates that offer promotional offers for new players during the NHL playoffs and here are just a few of them:

  • Boyle Sports – Offers a 40% revenue share for affiliates who sign up through CAP and a free  €20 bet for new players.
  • 888 Affiliates – Bring on five approved players in the first 60 days and get an extra $500. 888 also offers best of seven betting for every round of the playoffs.
  • Intertops – As much as a $100 sign up bonus for new players and a 40% revenue share for CAP sign ups for the first three months.
  • SIA Affiliates: SIA offers $250 extra cash for five approved players in the first 60 days.

What are your plans for NHL Playoff betting action? Share them with the CAP community on our General Discussion Forum.

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