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Controversy over Denmark Online Gambling Laws

October 14, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Perhaps serving as a cautionary note to excitement over the imminent opening of the French market, fellow EU nation Denmark is experiencing a bit of controversy involving the implementation of its own set of new online gaming laws.

The original plan was to enact online gambling laws that more closely follow the EU's rules, which are designed to create a level playing field among all the European nations.

The laws drafted were reviewed earlier this year; after a three-month period of review, the European Commission decided to impose an even longer waiting period for further review. Reportedly, that’s because the laws did not fully comply with the guidelines they were designed to follow.

Still, the signs are good that Denmark, like France, legitimately wants to move away from its existing state-owned monopolies and into a system that would allow foreign operators to enter its markets — great news for international online gaming companies, as well as online gambling affiliates with international ambitions. And, although Denmark isn’t quite there yet, it is hoped that the delay will ensure a more fair system when it does indeed get approved.

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